Risk Contour is a small business boutique offering a variety of beauty yo fashion attire. We are now offering a LAYAWAY plan to our customers which is as follows:

1. A customer will be able to put items on layaway for 45 days. After 45-day period all items purchased will be placed back into the store inventory.

2. Purchases of $50 and under will have a hold fee of $10 in which items will be held for 7days and amount will be placed toward your purchase.

3. Purchases of $50-$100 will have a deposit of $25 with a $10 non-refundable fee.

4. Purchases of $100 and above will have a deposit of $50 and $20 non-refundable fee.

Payments for layaway can be made at any time or full payment at the time of layaway period pickup.

An email  reminder will be sent to customers regarding their layaway 5 days before the 45-day layaway period is up. So it is imperative that we receive a good email and contact information for each customer.